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April 22, 2014

Good evening everybody!

Today the rain came and went away
The weather wasn’t stable (;-;)

I’m energetic on rainy day~♪
But, I’ll be more lively in sunny day!

When I was in primary school, I used to played outside everyday
If it was raining I brought leisure sheet and umbrella
Above the leisure sheet, the umbrella was set up to be the roof
Under that umbrella me and my friends chatting and eating sweets together!

It’s so nostalgic~(  ´﹀` )♡

Tiger Jun
Hina Panda
Mio Koala

A day before yesterday, there was individual handshake event!

The 3 animals who were awoken from hibernation
What do you think?(*¯︶¯*)

Slot 1 I became koala
Slot 2 I became panda
Slot 3 I became tiger!

Which one suit me the most?

That day, I became animal for all my 3 slots
For you who expected me to wear normal clothes, I’m sorry(;-;)

Many people came to meet me
In slot 2 and 3, there wasn’t pause in my queue line
I was so glad(灬ºωº灬)♡

Many people came to me and said “It’s my first time to meet you!”
I was told “It’s my first time and you become an animal!”
It made me grinning! LOL

My hairdo in 1st slot was 2-ties!
2nd slot was half twin tail!
And the 3rd slot was half-up!

I’m going to wear normal clothes in the next individual handshake event!(灬ºωº灬)

Recently, I bought clothes!

Is there any clothes style that you want me to wear in handshake event??♡

I want to choose the clothes based on everyone’s opinion!

I’ll write fun blog again next time♡
Please look forward to it♪

Good night!

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